Make a Cork Trivet without a mess!

I watched a bunch of videos on making a cork trivet.  I think you will find this a bit easier.  Here I'm using the Mister Glue and the Accelerator.  The Accelerator can be used with porous materials to prime the surface and help speed up the bonding.  It will also strengthen the bond.  Can be used with the glue for other porous materials such as wood, terra cotta and some ceramics.

In this video I'm using a picture frame to help shape the trivet.  I first laid out the corks the way I wanted them to look.  The lay out, shape and with the names or whatever facing the way that I wanted them.


Then I used a piece of dowel on the one side with a cork to hold everything in place.  In a lot of videos that I watched one had to glue the corks to something.  The way that I've done it here alleviates that need.  If you are careful with the glue, you could likely use either side of the finished trivet.  The corks seemed pretty well in place so I did not bother wedging them in from the bottom end.  After I was done, I saw that I could have trimmed one or two more of the corks to make all a little tighter.  BUT, I've been using it for over a week now and it is very solid - not coming apart at all!

Apply the Accelerator and the Mister Glue in sections.  I like to give the Accerator about 20-30 seconds before I apply the glue.  So, you can see in the video, that I'm doing a row at a time.  Brush some of the Accelerator into the joints where you are going to apply the glue then apply a drop or bead of glue.  Mister Glue wicks in very well and if you are careful, you will never see the glue on any surface.

Be sure to cover any surface below where you are working, Mister Glue is very sticky!  Always good to have a bottle of our Uncure handy just in case.


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