How To Repair A Hearing Aid

If you own and hearing aid and it breaks you may want to try and fix it yourself. As long as the plastic has not bent or twisted and there are no pieces missing, then Mister Glue will do the job very effectively. It will bond the plastics that are used in the manufacture of the hearing aids very effectively. And permanently.

One cured the glue is completely non-toxic.

Use a small amount on one side of the two pieces that are to be bonded. Place the two parts together very snugly and and hold for a few seconds. It is done!

Full cure time is several hours but after the first few seconds the two pieces will not come apart again. MIster Glue dries clear and flexible.

Generally, hearing aid manufacturers find working with Mister Glue beneficial as it can be left open for hours without drying out or clogging. It is as strong or stronger than most of the Loctite products that are used for this purpose.

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