Fillers in General


Mister Glue is an amazingly fast and strong glue.  But you need the pieces to fit closely together.  The better the fit the better the bond.

What do you do if you are left with a gap or holes after you have bonded the pieces of your project together? 

Answer: You can use some sort of powder or sawdust with Mister Glue to fill the gap.  This will work with almost any material.  Place the powder, baking soda is often used as it is usually readily available, into the space that needs filling.  Add several drops of Mister Glue.  Enough so that it soaks all the way in.  It will go quite hard in one or two seconds.  If the space that you are filling is a bit larger or deeper, like a screw hole that you are rebuilding, then you may need to build it up gradually.  Once properly set, you will be able to scrape or sand smooth.  It will not stain, in the case of sawdust with wood repair, but you can paint over it.  I've used coffee to get a match of colour.

Experiment.  Remember, although Mister Glue is flexible when used on its own or with the Accelerator, it will not be so when used with a filler.

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