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Jewelry Glue

Jewelry Glue

Jewelry repairs can be expensive and all you are trying to do is repair costume jewelry then a small drop of a good glue may be a better idea. Super glue dries out and turns brittle and epoxies can be messy and difficult to use. A high end cyanoacrylate is often the best and simplest solution. Mister Glue is just that: an industrial cyanoacrylate glue that can be safely used to fix jewelry wether it be real or costume jewelry.

Mister Glue has had the solvents distilled out making it many times stronger than super glue or Krazy glue. This also makes it safe to use on many materials where you would not want to use super glue or an epoxy. Mister Glue dries completely clear so it will not distract from an attractive vintage costume jewelry piece that you are repairing and it will not damage any of the materials that others glues may dissolve.

This high end cyanoacrylate will glue almost any material to itself or another material such as glass to metal or stone to metal or plastic to stone, etc. The one drawback that I have found is that it will not fill gaps so if you are bonding a piece of glass to metal where there is an extremely small surface area that is touching then it may be better to use an epoxy.

If you are going to use Mister Glue to fix jewelry then make sure that the two pieces fit together well. The closer the two pieces fit together the better and stronger the bond.

How to do Jewelry Repairs:
If two pieces have separated or come apart in some way make sure that you clean off any old glue before attempting to fix. Clean off any dust and oils. I like to fit the two pieces together before adding the glue to test to make sure that they go together well and also so when I have applied the glue I know exactly how they are going to fit. The reason for this last is that Mister Glue is extremely quick and you do not have much time to move the materials around before it sets up. There is no hurry to get them together but once the two surfaces touch it is very quick.

Put a small drop of glue on one side only and then press the two pieces together. If the surface area is very small then use a pin or toothpick to transfer from the tip of the glue bottle. This will allow you to control more easily how much glue you are using.

If have a piece of polished stone that has broken then make sure that any dust or loose particles are gone. Apply the glue to one side and if done well on a material such as this you will barely see the seam. 

Mister Glue will bond stone, metal, glass, bone and can be used for inlay where different materials will be glued together.

Mister Glue: 

  • Dries Clear
  • Dries Flexible
  • Bonds different types of material
  • No solvents so will not damage any materials.
  • Waterproof

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