Earring – Glue back peg(video)

Here is a video using Mister Glue, Uncure and the Accelerator to repair a broken earring.  The peg had come off and old glue had to be removed using the Uncure.  The Accelerator was applied to one surface – let that sit for 20-30 seconds.  To prevent getting the glue on my fingers and thus gluing the earring to my skin, I put a dab on the surface and dipped the peg into that.  That way I didn’t get too much and it didn’t run everywhere.  With such a small surface area I was inclined to use the Accelerator to give a bit more strength to the bond.  Again with small surface area a steady hand will be useful.  The closer the bond – tighter the fit – the better the bond.  So if you are wobbly, it could weaken the bond.  Here you go: