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Video about Broken Resin Figurine Repaired

Video about Broken Resin Figurine Repaired

Repair a Resin Figurine

Resin has a pretty slick surfacer and can be difficult to glue. Epoxies work but often one does not get a really tight fit requiring some touch up around the seam where the two pieces bonded. 

With Mister Glue and similar types of glue, the tighter the fit, the better the bond.  You want the two parts being glued together as close together as possible.  This puts the edges close enough that it is often very difficult to tell where the seam is. 

The figurine in the video here had a clean break.  No chips broke off at the edges.  That always helps. 


Make sure the surfaces are clean.  Try not to scratch or score the surfaces.  Practice.  Take the two pieces and gently practice putting them together before you apply accelerator or glue.  With Mister Glue, the less moving about once the parts are squeezed together, the better.

Once you are comfortable with that, apply a bit of Accelerator to one side only.  You actually want to let that sit open to the air for a 10-15 seconds.  Apply the glue to the other surface.  You don’t need much, just enough so the whole surface will be covered when you press the two surfaces together. 

Push two parts together - again you want a perfect fit, no gaps.  That’s why you practice first. 

Hold for 10-20 seconds or so.  I always give it a little extra just to be sure.  Mister Glue is very fast.

Full cure time is several hours.  That said, I’ve taken a ceramic plate that I’d glued together and intentionally broken it after about 45 minutes.  It broke somewhere else, not on the original break. 

If you can still see the seam, you can touch up with a little bit of paint. 

The best package for resin repair is:

Combo Package 1(One Glue/One Accelerator)
Combo Package 1(One Glue/One Accelerator)
Package includes one bottle of Mister Glue and One bottle of Mister Glue's Accelerator
Price: $34.00
Price: $32.00

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