Mister Glue for a Girth (Horse Tack)

Mister Glue for a Girth (Horse Tack)

Mister Glue for Girth (Horse Tack)

This from a happy customer. She used Mister Glue to reinforce some stitching done on the girth at the riding stable she attends.

"I wanted to send you this. This is a girth that Stacy had. I should’ve taken a before picture because the entire piece was off on that one side. I stitched it but I didn’t know if it would hold so I put some of your glue on and it’s like welded now. The first photo shows the other end partially off but this side was completely off."

(Girth: definition: a band or strap that encircles the body of an animal to fasten something (such as a saddle) on its back)

Mister Glue can be used for bonding any of the materials that a girth is made from.  Here is it was used for nylon webbing.  It has also been used for leather and canvas.



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