Super Glue on Steroids!

Glue Wood to Plastic

Glue Wood to Plastic

Gluing Wood and Plastic

There are different ways to glue wood to plastic but if it is a small area and you want a quick, long lasting and very strong fix, use Mister Glue. Make sure that the surfaces match up so that there are no gaps. In the example below only one small drop was needed. Within a few seconds I could lift the whole base of the candle support by the small piece that I glued to it.

One ‘leg’ of the base of this candle holder was off. It is made out of wood. The base is glass but there is a small bit of plastic for the wooden ‘leg’ to bond to. Make sure that any old glue is scraped off. In this case the wood was not particularly porous so that wasn’t an issue. I placed the glue on the plastic and put the small ball that acted as a leg in place and in a very few seconds it was fully adhered.

Here you see the small ball of wood that acts as a leg is not attached.

The wooden ‘leg’ and the plastic on the bottom of the glass that it is to be glued to.

Apply a drop of glue to the plastic – very little.

Here, I’m holding the base by the glued on leg.

Other uses for Mister Glue:
Loose Furniture
Hole in an air mattress

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