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Warhammer Miniatures

Warhammer Miniatures

What is Warhammer?

“Warhammer or Warhammer Fantasy is a fantasy setting created by Games Workshop, in which many games of that company are set, the best known ones being the Warhammer Fantasy Battles wargame, and the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay role-playing game. There is also a related science fiction setting called Warhammer 40,000. It is notable for its “dark and gritty” aspect, and its background world, which features a culture very like Renaissance Germany crossed with Tolkien’s Middle-earth”
Taken from Experience Festival

“I am an avid Warhammer model builder and I have tried a number of glues with model building. I was recently turned on to this glue and was very impressed with it. It is pretty amazing stuff. ”
– Josh M.
Los Angeles

Warhammer fantasy figures are usually made from plastic or pewter. Both of these materials can be tricky or difficult to glue. When repairing broken Warhammer model it is ideal to have a fix that will not show. A glue that allows the pieces to fit as closely together as possible is the best. Epoxies are excellent bonding agents but they can be messy, you have to wait a while for them to set and they often create a thickness between the two parts that are being bonded. With Mister Glue the closer the fit of the two pieces the better and stronger the bond. At worst you will be left with a hairline crack. So, when painting Warhammer miniatures after you have repaired them with Mister Glue you will not see the seam.

Repairing your Warhammer Characters:
With both the plastic figurines and the metal(pewter) it is best if there is a clean break. If the pewter or plastic has ‘bent’ a bit you may not get a close fit. In this case you may need to file a tiny bit off so that the two parts will fit together closely. Clean the surfaces of dust or oil If you use a piece of emery try not to change the shape of the surface. Place the smallest drop possible on one side only. If the area that you have to cover with the glue is very small then use a pin or toothpick to transfer the glue from the tip of the bottle to the surface. You want the smallest amount of glue as you want it to spread over the whole surface when you press the two pieces of the miniature together. Press them together as closely as possible. Give is a few seconds to set then set aside to cure. Often a little bit will squeeze out – let that dry a bit so that you can scrape off with a knife instead of wiping it. If you wipe, it will just smear and that will be more difficult to clean up. I find that letting it dry so that I can scrape with an Exacto knife blade or something similar gives me the cleanest seam.

If there is a gap that needs filling because it was not a clean break then you may be better using an epoxy. The alternative is to use Mister Glue and if you are left with a gap then use a filler with the glue. If you are painting Warhammer characters after gluing them you can sand the glue/filler smooth then paint over easily.

Use Mister Glue for Citadel Figurines, Ral Partha and any other Warhammer fantasy type miniatures.

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