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Vinyl Glue

Vinyl Glue

How to repair Vinyl

You can fix vinyl in seconds with Mister Glue. It also dries clear and flexible and the resulting bond is waterproof.

Mister Glue is a bit expensive for very large areas but for fixing vinyl it is perfect. It is very easy to use. No mixing.

Vinyl Seam repair

For a vinyl seam repair you need to have some overlap. If you try to glue a 3 or 4 mil vinyl sheet or window edge to edge you are not going to have much luck. I know of no product that will do this.

If you need, cut a strip that will go over your vinyl seam. Make it so it will overlap a half an inch or so on either side. Run a very thin bead along the one side only. Putting the glue on both sides is far too much glue. It will be running all over the place. And also, the tighter the fit with Mister Glue the better the bond. So, you want to use the smallest amount possible and still get the surface covered. Roll the two surfaces toghether tightly and hold for a few seconds.

Vinyl Floor Patch

If a corner of a vinyl tile has come up just put a small bead around the edge of the lifted spot and press down firmly. You will probably want to clean an dirt or grease from the surfaces first if you can get at them.

This makes it a great vinyl glue for:

  • Vinyl tarps and accessories, straps,
  • Hypalon raft repair, vinyl raft repair – pinhole leaks, strap and ring repair and replacement
  • Kayak repair, inflatable boats, rafts and dinghies of all sorts.
  • Boat – Marine – repair tears in clear vinyl windows, vinyl seats, pvc
  • Swimming pool liner – repair tears and pinhole leaks
  • Automobile – clear vinyl windows, tears on tops, interior hard vinyl breaks and seat vinyl
  • Camping: Air mattresses

When using Mister Glue for fixing vinyl watch what is underneath. If you use too much it can be runny and drip on a floor or countertop. Some materials it will scrape off very easily others not. Put something protective underneath – not fabric or paper.

Mister Glue is a cyanoacrylate glue (same base as super glue) but because the solvents have been distilled out it is much stronger. BUT it will not melt plastics and foams like super glue will. It will not go brittle and discolor with age.

Other Uses for Mister Glue:
Boots and Shoes
Glue Glass to Rubber

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