“I had to repair a tear in my [neoprene] wakeboard boots with Mister Glue. Amazing!  Don’t even notice where it is fixed and used the rest of the summer with no more tearing.”  Randy H.,  MO


Neoprene Fishing Waders

Repair waders instantly with Mister Glue. Waders that are made from neoprene will melt using super glue or Krazy Glue. There are other glues that are specific for wader repair but it very specific glue and cannot always be used for other materials. The beauty of Mister Glue is that it can be used on almost any material. 

It is an industrial cyanoacrylate glue(same base as super glue) but has been distilled several times so that the solvents have been distilled out. The solvents in superglue are what melts or eats away at neoprene. So, it can be used for neoprene wader repair without damaging the mateiral.

If you have a tear in the material run a bead along one edge then press them closely together. You do not have to hold the two sides together for more than a few seconds. Because the solvents have been distilled out the glue also dries flexible. Other cheaper glues will get brittle as they dry. It is also waterproof so that you can go back in the water within minutes.

As I mentioned earlier there are other glues that are specific to the task but as Mister Glue can be used for almost any material it is the only glue that you need to bring with you. It will repair neoprene waders, hypalon or rubber boats or rain gear and most of your fishing tackle.

Instructions for use
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