What kind of glue to use for shoes and boots?

If you do not need a gap filled then Mister Glue will bond almost any shoe material instantly. It has the benefit that it won’t dry out in the bottle so you can get literally hundreds of uses out of it.
For shoes and boots, Mister Glue will bond:

and all of these materials to each other.

So, if you have a wooden heel has separated from your leather sole, repair it instantly with Mister Glue. You will be walking away in the shoe or boot in a minute or two. It remains flexible and will allow a very tight fit of the two surfaces. It remains waterproof and flexible. It also dries clear.

Use Mister Glue for a thousand different household repairs.

For larger problems use Shoe Goo.

It comes in clear and black, is flexible and is waterproof. I used it on the boots in the riding-bootpicture and didn’t even really follow the directions fully. One is supposed to wait a few minutes to put the surfaces together and I did it right away with no problem. I glued them at night and used them the next morning. Rubber to leather and I have used them in a Calgary winter and they stayed waterproof and flexible.

Shoo Goo is not an instant fix as is Mister Glue and it is definitely messier. If you can wait at least a few hours for it to set up then it is great.

Shoe Goo is often used for skateboarding shoes. These shoes take a real beating and whole sections get worn away.

Mister Glue’s Instant Glue will repair many shoe and boot problems. Best to use for smaller repairs – catch them early. It will bond rubber to leather, rubber to rubber and vinyl and most combinations of what shoes are made of. If there is a small separation it will glue the materials instantly. The shoes or boots can be used immediately. The instant glue continues to cure for up to eight hours but shouldn’t come apart earlier. One uses such a little amount of Mister Glue it seems to last forever.

I’ve repaired hundreds of pairs of shoes with this type of glue.

Shoe Goo can be purchased at many hardware stores. It is very easy to find on line – try Amazon.com – a tube or two can be purchased for $4-$6. Mister Glue can be purchased on this site: A 20 gram bottle for $17.00 (includes shipping). You will get hundreds of uses from one bottle.

A trick with the Shoe Goo – use a piece of ice to smooth it out. Anything else you use will stick to the glue – the ice will not.