Cobbler’s Glue

Shoes, boots, ice skates, sandals – any footwear you can fix with Mister Glue. Mister Glue will bond leather to leather, leather to rubber, leather to wood and mosts plastics to themselves and wood, leather and rubber. The beauty of Mister Glue for repairing footwear is that it remains flexible even after it has cured. Most super glue or Krazy Glue types of glue have solvents. They are low grade cyanoacrylates and as such have solvents to help them dry quickly. For this reason they get brittle and dry out in the bottle.

Because Mister Glue is a commercial grade glue it has been distilled many times so that there are no solvents. It bonds most materials such as leather and wood almost instantly and with shoes, boots and sandals will not get brittle and come apart.

Apply a small bead to one side of the two parts that you are mending and press them together. Hold for a few seconds and then let cure. You do not have to hold the parts together for several minutes or use any mechanical means to hold them together.
CAUTION: Most people will put far too much glue and when you press the surfaces together the glue will squeeze out and run all over the place. Often onto your hands.  Make sure that you are not doing repairs over a surface where you don’t want the glue.  Have some Uncure handy for clean up.

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