The Toy Doctor

Mister Glue is perfect for toy repair. Mister Glue is completely safe for children’s toys because it is, once set, completely non-toxic. Mister Glue is waterproof so if the action figure is commonly played with in the bathtub or left outside in the rain it will not come apart.

Most hard plastic toys are polyvinyl chloride(PVC) and it takes the tiniest bit of Mister Glue to bond this material permanently.

To mend two pieces just put the smallest amount on one side and hold the two pieces together for a few seconds. Before applying the glue, I try to make sure that the two pieces of PVC match, that is, there are no gaps. The tighter the fit the better.

More is not better with this glue. You want to barely cover the surface. If you find that too much glue is coming out of the spout then you can first put it onto a pin or toothpick and then transfer.

The base of Mister Glue is called a cyanoacrylate. It is the same base as Super Glue or Crazy Glue.  The difference is that Mister Glue has had the solvents distilled out making it pure making it much, much stronger.

Press the two pieces tightly together and hold. Full cure time is several hours but once set the two pieces are very unlikely to come apart. If any glue has squeezed out you can leave it for a few minutes to dry a bit then scrape off gently with a sharp knife.

Mister Glue can be used for wooden toys as well as Warhammer figurines and action figures whether metal or plastic. Wooden toys can be easily bonded with Mister Glue and if the wood has split partially off then it can be used to mend. As Mister Glue will wick, one can use it to repair wood that has separated but not enough to reach right in. Just put some along the edge and it will go in between the two pieces.

If you really want to, Mister Glue will permanently bond Lego. 

Don’t let your little ones use it to repair toys themselves though – Mister Glue can quickly glue fingers or eyelids together.

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