How to fix a chair:

If a ‘dowel’ joint has come loose making a wobbly chair or table there are a couple of ways to repair depending on the problem. If the two pieces have come only slightly loose but when they are tightened up go together firmly this can be a very quick fix. You can put a couple of drops of Mister Glue around the joint and it will wick in.Then slide the dowel or leg as tightly as you can. The closer the two pieces are when you are using Mister Glue the better the bond. Hopefully, at this point, your wobbly chair is no longer wobbly.

Now, if you are trying to fix a chair where this joint is much looser but not enough to take it completely apart there is still a pretty simple way to repair without taking the whole chair apart. This is the simple chair restoration. Use some fine sawdust as a filler. Push the leg or dowel in as far as it will go then tap as much of the sawdust into the crevice as you can. Put a couple of drops of Mister Glue on the joint still holding the leg together as tightly as you can. Get some help with this part if you don’t have enough hands and arms. The glue will wick in and in a second or two will make the joint fast. Again, no more wobbly chair.

One can make a paste with white glue and sawdust but trying to squeeze it into the joint is incredibly messy. Because Mister Glue will wick so well it is tough to beat for this kind of repair.

The glue is pretty runny so I like to put something underneath the area that I’m gluing in case it drips. Use some cardboard, not fabric or paper otherwise it will go right through.

If some glue squeezes out when I press the joints tightly together I like to leave it until it hardens a bit then scrape off with a sharp knife. Wiping it tends to smear it is much messier.

Mister Glue is an industrial cyanoacrylate and thus is much stronger than super glue or Krazy Glue although the same base. It dries clear and flexible, is waterproof and besides being a great glue will not dry out in the bottle.

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