"I am an avid Warhammer model builder and I have tried a number of glues with model building. I was recently turned on to this glue and was very impressed with it.  It is pretty amazing stuff. "
- Josh M. ,  Los Angeles

Glue for Warhammer Models

Mister Glue's Instant Glue will bond both your plastic and metal miniatures. It is an excellent glue for plastic Citadel Miniatures.

It will glue metal well but there are a couple of cautions.

The surface areas must match up well and be free of oils. A bit of emery but not enough to change the shape. The Instant Glue is a cyanoacrylate (super glue) and sets up very quickly on all kinds of materials.

It is an industrial glue - the solvents have been distilled out making it stronger. It dries clear and flexible - not that flexible is an issue with Warhammer. Also, because there are no solvents you do not have the problem of the glue drying out in the bottle. It can last over a year and if kept in the freezer or refrigerator much longer than that.

If you have gaps to fill it would be better to use a two part epoxy.