Using Mister Glue for Warhammer Models

I haven’t worked with a lot of Warhammer myself but a number of friends have and have used Mister Glue for repairs.  Also, my boys had action figures with some similar materials that took a heck of a beating and we would use Mister Glue to repair and keep the tears at bay.

"I am an avid Warhammer model builder and I have tried a number of glues with model building. I was recently turned on to this glue and was very impressed with it.  It is pretty amazing stuff. “         Josh M. ,  Los Angeles

What are Warhammer models made from?

Citadel models were solely made from a white metal alloy(pewter) up until 1987 when they started using plastic.  Plastic that was using under various names is basically polystyrene.  In 2011 they came out with a product called Finecast.  This is a type of plastic resin.  This apparently makes for finer detailing but not for everyone.  

Seems as though Finecast(resin) is being phased out as particularly unpopular.  If you have older pieces of this material and need to repair, Mister Glue will generally do a great job with resin.  The trick is getting a good fit.  Sometimes resin will bend and change shape when breaking.  If this affects how the two pieces go together it may affect the bond. 

We have never had a problem bonding polystyrene with our product and metal will stick but it is metal so obviously will be the toughest. 

From what I can find Warhammer 40K and Games Workshop(GW) pieces are commonly using polyurethane or PVC.  Mister Glue will do an amazing job bonding PVC.  If you are ever working with a flexible PVC for any reason, Mister Glue will remain flexible as well.

As I mentioned earlier, the better the fit the better the bond.  There is more in the instructions for use but essentially put a very small amount of Mister Glue on one side and press the two pieces  together very tightly.  More is not better with this stuff.  Just enough to cover one side.  Any that leaks out the edges, leave until it sets up.  Once it has hardened a bit, you can scrape off with an sharp knife or razor blade.  If you try and wipe off, it will tend to smear and creates more problems.  

You can paint over the glue without any problems.

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