Use with all your DieCast Models

What is Diecast Metal?
“Diecast metal cars and other models are made by pouring a liquid or molten material into a reusable mold or die in which the material hardens.”

Diecast repair is tricky because most of the glues available will not do a good job of properly bonding this type of metal. Metal to metal much less die cast is difficult for any glue. Often epoxy is the first line of offense but although it does a great job it is not my favorite because it doesn’t give me as close a bond as a super glue type glue. And I want the result to look good. With an industrial cyanoacrylate like Mister Glue, the closer the fit the better the bond. So, I can get that broken die cast car back together with only a hairline crack showing if that.

Mister Glue is extremely quick – it bonds in seconds and it dries clear. You can repaint over if you like but as it dries clear you do not always need to.

Repair your diecast car or truck:
First make sure that the two pieces fit together properly – as I mentioned earlier you want a tight fit – the pieces should fit snugly together. So the cleaner the break, the better. Put a drop or two of glue on one side. Only put enough glue there so that it will cover the surface when the two pieces are pressed together. Press the two surfaces firmly together for a few seconds. Full cure time for this glue is several hours but it will be firmly set within a few seconds. Because you are pressing the two pieces closely together like this you will often get a small bit of glue squeezing out. Wiping it usually does nothing more than smear the glue. What I do it let it dry enough so that I can scrape off any excess with a sharp knife or blade from an Exacto Knife. That gives me the cleanest line.

A bottle of Mister Glue will last you years if you keep it in the refrigerator or freezer and it will bond many more materials than your die cast car or truck. It will also bond wood and Styrofoam and dissimilar materials. Keep it handy for all your model projects as well as use about the home.

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