Mister Glue is used for Threadlocker or Loctite for screws

Mister Glue has a thousand different uses one is a threadlocker or loctite for screws. Use this way for anything from your eyeglasses to a large piece of machinery.

If you are going to use as a loctite super glue: make sure that the surfaces are clean of oil or dirt and particularly  grease. If you have to use a solvent or degreaser to clean the threads, allow them to dry before applying Mister Glue.

Wind the screw part way in and be prepared to turn immediately or as you apply the glue. Mister Glue is very fast acting so do NOT wait to turn the screw or it will already be bonded.

Apply a drop or two of the glue depending on the size of the screw. If it is tiny like that of an eye glass screw then you may want to use a pin or toothpick to apply. It will be easier to control the amount this way so that you don’t put too much on. As soon as the glue is applied or as you apply it begin turning the screw and keep turning it until it is quite tight. Keep is moving.

Another way to use as a loctite adhesive it to have the screw back off the tiniest bit. Mister Glue will wick so will seep into the seam. This will certainly depend on how tight the space is. But often you can use as a thread locker by just putting a bit on the edge of the screw and it will wick right in. This works better for wood to wood and other materials but we have used it this way for metal to metal as a loctite.

If some runs out from the seam and you would prefer it not be there give it 10-15 minutes to dry up abit and scrape off with a sharp knife. It can be pretty runny if you use too much so protect underneath where you are gluing so it does not drip where you don’t want.

Allow some hours for full cure. If you are using this with machinery that has some vibration you will want to allow the full cure time. On a pair of glasses, you will want to allow enough time for the fumes to have dissipated so that there is no eye irritation.