Hearing Aid Maintenance

Mister Glue can be used in the manufacture or repair of a hearing aid. For at home hearing aid maintenance you can use a tiny drop to glue the plastic back together if it comes apart or breaks. Fix a broken hearing aid in a few seconds with a very tiny drop of Mister Glue. Apply to one side only of the two pieces that you are going to glue together. Make sure that the surfaces are clean of dirt or grease.

I usually check to see that the two pieces fit together properly. You don’t have a lot of time to move and adjust the pieces once you touch them together so know where you are going with it. There is no hurry to get the pieces together once the glue has been put on one side so take your time to get them together properly. These surfaces are very small so use a pin or toothpick to apply the Mister Glue. Put a small drop on the end of a toothpick and use this to transfer to the broken surface of the hearing aid. Apply the tiniest bit to one side then press them together firmly. Within a few seconds the bond will be firm. If any glue squeezes out leave it for a few minutes or until it has hardened enough so that you can scrape off with a sharp knife. This will give you a cleaner line.

Put something underneath where you are working as Mister Glue can stain some surfaces if spilled. Remember it is a very strong glue. Give is some time to cure. It sets up immediately but full cure time is a few hours. You should, though, be able to use the device quite soon if needed. Caution with your fingers – it is a very strong glue and will bond skin. Check out our Care of Glue section if your fingers get stuck together. This happens more often when gluing smaller items like a hearing aid.