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Rubber to Metal or Leather

Rubber to Metal or Leather

How to Glue Rubber to Metal

One of many wonderful things about Mister Glue is that it will bond dissimilar materials. It will bond metal to rubber or leather to rubber.

Any gasket to metal including the around a car door or the trunk of a car: These can be glued permanently with Mister Glue in seconds. There are no solvents so the glue will not eat away or dissolve the rubber in any way. Where needed it will stay flexible.

If the rubber gasket around the door of a car or trunk has come apart from the door or ripped from itself Mister Glue will repair both the rubber to rubber and the rubber to metal.

Clean any dirt or dust from the surfaces. If you are gluing rubber to metal then put the glue on the metal. It is obviously less porous and will remain on the surface. Run a thin bead the length of the area you are going to glue. One side only. You can do a fairly long strip as the glue will not set up until you get the two parts together. It is pretty runny so do not put too much on. Once the two pieces are together you will have little or no ‘move around’ time. So, if you need, practice a bit before you actually pu the glue on.

Press the two surfaces tightly together for a few seconds – that is all it takes. This will bond hard or soft leather to metal equally well. Full cure time is several hours but it will likely tear if you try to remove within half an hour or so. If you are doing something that will be exposed to water or oils – the cured product is completely waterproof and will not get damaged by engine oils or the like.

When you are working around cars or boat engine make sure that any grease is cleaned from the surface as well before applying the glue.

Mister Glue will dry clear and flexible. But it is very liquid and may drip so make sure that you put something underneath where you are working to protect against the glue. You won’t want to get it on some nice leather seats in your car or boat.

Any that squeezes out of a seam – leave it to dry up a bit and scrape off with a sharp knife. Wiping will make a mess that will be much more difficult to clean up.

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