How to Fill Wood

Wood Fill 
You can make wood fill out of just about anything but sawdust is best.

There are several situations when doing woodworking or repairs that one needs to fill wood cracks or holes. A loose dowel in the back support of a chair or a screw hole that needs to be tightened up.

Filling holes in wood for example where a screw has come loose on a hinge can be done very easily with Mister Glue. I like using sawdust instead of something like baking soda as the finished product works like wood. You can drill a hole and it will hold a screw extremely well when set. To do this I fill the hole with some rough sawdust to about 1/8th or 1/4 inch and add a drop of Mister Glue. Build it up like this. Filling holes in wood like this bit by bit takes a couple of minutes and it is fully set within almost instantly With in a few minutes you can tool it or put the screw back in. Making wood filler with white glue and sawdust and pressing it into the hole is an alternative. This works but I find it messier and you have to wait hours for it to set. if you want to get the job done right away use a glue like Mister Glue. It is a cyanoacrylate (super glue) that has been distilled several times to remove any solvents. This makes it much stronger than super glue or Krazy Glue and it will not dry out in the bottle.

When filling wood holes to repair a screw hole or wood split another benefit of Mister Glue is that it will wick. It will easily soak into your sawdust. If you have two pieces of wood that are pressed together that need some extra glue you can put some Mister Glue on the seam and it will wick in and bond the wood.

This works for a wobbly chair as well. Put some fine sawdust or baking soda or coffee in the seam where the dowel or chair leg is loose and add a few drops of Mister Glue. Again, it will wick in and your chair or table is repaired without having to take it all apart.

Our home made wood fill can be used with a wood carving as well. If a piece come off that was unintended then build that area up with some sawdust and Mister Glue. Once built up enough you can sand or tool it to the desired shape.

You can make wood filler out of just about anything with Mister Glue. As I mentioned earlier you can even use something like coffee which is useful if you need to get a match in color when you don’t want to paint or stain the wood afterwards. All you need is some fine or medium fine particulate.

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