You can use Mister Glue as a general guitar glue for repairs – it is great for fret repair. It will easily and quickly glue plastic to wood – Mister Glue is extremely quick and extremely strong. It is the same base as super glue but is an industrial version – it has been distilled numerous time to remove the solvents making it much stronger.

How to fix guitars with Mister Glue:
Use VERY little of the glue. I usually try and put the glue on the least porous of the two sides that I’m gluing together. For example, fret repair: I place a very thin bead along the edge of the fret and the slide it into place. The fit is usually very snug so the glue will spread over the whole surface that you want glued. Practice a little. You don’t want too much so that is running all over the place but you want enough to cover the whole surface of what you are gluing.

The tighter the fit the better in all instances with Mister Glue. So, if you are installing frets or a plastic key onto metal make sure that the two surfaces fit together very closely. Also, because the glue is so quick with many materials you do not have lots of time to move and adjust. so practice going through the motions before you apply the glue.

Have Mister Glue around as a guitar glue but it is good for a thousand other uses.