There are several types of glue that can get spilled on your nice wooden furniture and depending on what they are made of it can be easy or next to impossible to remove.

Remove Super Glue from WoodSmall-Uncure

The best product for removing superglue, Krazy Glue, Mister Glue, Max One and any other cyanoacrylate glues is Mister Glue’s Uncure.  Apply a small amount to the spill or area you want the super glue removed from and let it soak in a little.  Use a cloth to rub off.  It will work safely on most finishes.  More at this link: Un-cure

Most of the above glues can also be removed with acetone. You can get smaller amounts of this in Nail Polish Remover. Some nail polish remover is not acetone, though, so check the bottle to make sure. Care has to be taken with acetone as it can ruin the finish on wood.  And often will melt plastic.  Be prepared to have to refinish if the acetone takes too much of the surface. Try and place a drop or two on the glue – if you can do it so that none goes onto the surrounding wood all the better. Let it soak in a bit then try scraping off with the sharp edge of a flat chisel or something similar. You can try sanding as well. You may have to add a few drops of acetone again as you get the top layer off.

Remove other glues from wood:
There are numerous types of glue and numerous ways to remove them. You may need to remove anything from the sticky stuff from duct tape or masking tape to white glue to epoxy.

Success has been had with many household oils. You can also try toothpaste, windex, hairspray and baking soda(mixed with water). Let the substance you are using to remove the glue soak in a little then try and scrape or scrub. Caution: Always try first in an out of the way place to make sure that you are not going to do too much damage to the item that you are removing the glue from!!