Peal Glue

Occasionally a pearl will come loose from the post it is attached to on an ear ring for example. The simplest way to re-attach is to put a very small drop of Mister Glue on the post and just slide it back in to the hole in the back of the pearl. It sets up immediately. Try and scrape off any old glue from the post first and make sure that the fit is still snug. Super glue for pearls is sometimes used but the solvents can be caustic and sometime damage the pearl.

You will cause no damage when you use Mister Glue as a pearl glue.

Certain epoxies will work but can be very messy and Loctite and super glue can discolor – they can go cloudy.

You can also use Mister Glue for Opals, Foil-Backs, Doublets and Cabochon Gemstones.