Super Glue on Steroids!

How to Remove Glue

There are quite a few different types of glue. Often you will find a different solution for each type of glue removal. Also, different types of glue may need a different solvent for removing from skin for example as opposed to metal.

Super Glue on Steroids

Mr Glue is like superglue on steroids. And it won’t dry out in the bottle. Mister Glue is stronger, faster and will glue more materials than superglue. Glue rubber to rubber or wood to wood and within a few minutes try and pull the two pieces apart and you will tear the material – that is the power and strength of this glue.

Mister Glue Uses

Mister Glue can be used to glue almost anything to anything. Glue ‘this to that’ – Misterglue will bond similar and dissimilar materials.

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